Beautiful Tips for Straight Hair

November 6, 2011 by sandhee  
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You were born with straight hair, does not mean you lose the opportunity to enjoy a contemporary lifestyle.

There are some easy tricks you can try to change the appearance of the ordinary into the extraordinary.

1. Hair color: Coloring the hair is not just giving a different effect on each strand of hair, but also makes your hair look thicker and stylish.

2. Try a short haircut: Long hair is heavy, yes of course, and make the hair look flat-flat. Try a short haircut that hair look more volume.

3. Layer: long hair is not too thin, you could add a layer on the hair without losing your lovely long hair. Layer helps give shape, volume, and movement to the hair straight.

4. Perms: perms is not something that is popular, but if your hair is straight and thin, there’s no harm in trying. Perm will make the hair more shape, volume, and give a little curly effect. Remember that the perms are very hard, and should not be done on hair bleaching hair.

5. Use a hair rollers: Many salons use of roller sets to create beautiful curls.

6. Use a large round brush: If your hair is long, use a large round brush for blowing hair. Start from the bottom and roll up. Also use a hair dryer for your hair curl. This will require a lot of practice and everything will become easier by itself.

7. Comb your hair, please! Stop using instant hair moisturizer. You only need to spend a little time to comb the hair starting from the head to the tip.

8. Change parts of the hair: If you always use the same parts of the hair, try to use the other side. Maybe it will feel strange at first, but you need to try a new look instead.

Create magic in your boring straight hair in just one night. Easy and fast is not it?

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