Basic Way to Apply Gel to Hair and Look Stylish!

May 20, 2010 by ganeshgolha  
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Cheryl-Ann Couto tells you how to work your hair so that you’ll be gelling with the ladies in no time!

Cheryl-Ann Couto tells you how to work your hair so that you’ll be gelling with the ladies in no time!

I’ve been skulking around discotheques for months now and invariably I’ll see this impeccable Adonis with immaculate hair. I mean wisps falling lovingly one on top of the other, curling tenderly around the nape of his manly neck, ones I could just imagine running my hands … I’VE SAID TOO MUCH! I mean! How does he do that with his hair?! “Simple,” says make-up artist Vipul Bhagat, “he’s using a gel that suits him just right.”

Gel Commandments

Gels vary in holding power and depending on your hair type and the look you want to achieve, anything from strong pomades to mild gel sprays could do the job. Says Vipul, “Hair texture is important. Thick hair would require extra-strength gel to stand up to the volume.

Sometimes water might also have to be used. Thinner hair can use normal gel.”

Avoid gels that contain alcohol as far as possible, because they tend to dry the hair out. A good gel will not only hold your hair the way you want it to, but also’ moisturise it. Always insist on a non-flaking gel m formula, especially when opting for a strong hold gel. Inferior gels can cause white flakes that look very much like dandruff, a look that never really caught on in a big way. This automatically puts all those humungous jars of dollar store gels out of the running.

Says Vipul, “Gelling is best kept to a night time practice.” Using it in the day not only makes you look, well … ’slick’, it could also damage your hair. “If the gel is left on for that many hours, not only is it too much product for your hair for too long but it has scope for accumulating a lot of dust because it is somewhat greasy.” Besides, depending on the way you choose to style your hair, often the scalp shows. During the day that can be disconcerting, at night dim lights do their thing.

Gelling your hair everyday is not advisable. Says Vipul, “If you do gel your hair everyday, you need to wash and condition it that often as well because leaving gel in will eventually cause your hair to thin and fall and your scalp may begin to flake.”

Gelling it occasionally for a night out on the town is preferable. And finally, when in doubt, ask your stylist to recommend a product that best suits you.

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