Bald as The New Black?

November 27, 2010 by samberscript  
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Let’s all agree to shave our heads. Bad Hair Days will be a thing of the past and we’ll save a fortune on shampoo.

We all know that the state of our hair is critical to our ultimate happiness. On a Good Hair Day everything runs that little bit more smoothly while a Bad Hair Day is doomed from the start. When you stop to think about the time, money and emotional input we invest in our barnets, it’s truly scary. So I have come up with a plan…

Let’s unite against the common enemy – bad hair – and shave our heads en masse! Imagine a world liberated from the shame of unwanted frizz and galloping partings. Let’s face it – we all have at least one stubbly bit to attend to each day so an extra once over the top wouldn’t be too irksome. As womankind consigned her cordless straighteners to the bin, in this baby-smooth future the only thing burning at breakfast would be the toast. If our men step aboard the bald bus with us, they could face the elements with brave hearts once more – those wind ruffled comb-overs being just a chilly memory.

As the hair industry disappeared beneath a cloud of perfumed hairspray, think of the money to be saved on shampoo. No need to worry about the fate of hairdressers. Their interrogation skills could be comfortably redeployed within the Secret Service – “Going anywhere nice for your holidays …oh, and where did you hide those weapons of mass destruction?” But wait – in this bald new world, mightn’t the shape of our heads become the burning issue? Would lumpy craniums be shunned by an egg-shaped elite? Don’t panic! You could always try growing a bit of hair to cover things up…

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