Autumn and Her Hair: Care Rules

October 22, 2010 by srbasu  
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Hair Care after Release requires more Attention.

Sea water and long exposure to sunlight have a negative affect on the hair: their keratin layer becomes less stable, which leads to dryness and brittleness. With improper care while on vacation hair even for a short one-week period may be damaged by the sun is stronger than during the entire year. As Andronicus says Sahakian, trichologist group of companies «Trilogic», ultraviolet rays can adversely affect both the state of the hair shaft and on the scalp, resulting in decreased action hydro lipid protective layer having increased sensitivity and itching.


Particularly difficult period of leave transferred colored and gray hair. Such hair loses moisture much more quickly; they are more sensitive to sunlight and need rest after reducing the use of special tools and professional hair care products.

Split ends

Under ultraviolet light the structure of the hair is porous, has its negative impact and wind – it breaks your hair and cuts the ends, resulting in a return from leave hair begins to resemble a sponge. Because the dissected ends can not be restored, the right advice for the care of long hair will be cut – even sostriganie couple inches will give your hair a healthy look.



From the sun and lack of moisture making hair susceptible to damage from static electricity, which can fight with moisturizing and nourishing creams sprays. Not interfere with thermal water and hair care products – many people use it only for the face, although it is also suitable for hair restoration.


Discomfort of the scalp

When dry, itching skin will be essential moisturizers and hydrating mask – as a purchase-and folk-care products for dry hair with essential oils for at least two or three times a week. Useful substances penetrate deep into the hair and equalize moisture balance.


Dim color

Salt sea water “wash away” hair shine, for return is recommended at least for a short period after the holiday to stop using the hair dryer and ironing. If this is not at home hair care in the summer and autumn must use special equipment with thermal protection.


Hair loss

As a rule, leave most of the tourists prefer to eat vegetables, fruits, trying to stock up on vitamins for a long winter. But his hair is 95% composed of keratin – the horny protein substances, so health and beauty hair needs protein. In the processing of protein amino acids to help, so it pays to combine protein foods with vegetables sourish.


Vladislav Tkachev, trichologist leading group of companies «Trilogic», advises in postotpusknoy period of not using shampoo in a series of “two in one”. It is worth to buy shampoo and conditioner separately, and apply balm to wash your hair – it will help protect your hair from the surfactant contained in the shampoo.

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