At 46 Years Old I No Longer Feel Glamourous I Feel Great!

March 4, 2011 by Nicewriter  
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When I was in my tense teens, my traumatic twenties, my fiesty thirties and my fabulous early forties, I was a glaumor addict. Everything I wore, was up to the minute in style. I wore lots of makeup, mega diamonds and pearls, Italian stiletto heels. I would wash and condition my hair with the most expensive shampoos and I had and have now over one-thousand pieces of jewlery. Earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, pins.

I also used to be extremely vain. I never blow dried my hair, because blowdrying causes damage to the hair. I never used hot rollers or curling irons either. At work, I would wear a black dress with black stockings and pearls and low heeled shoes. When I was off work, I would wear pretty tops with jeans and lots of rhinestones, deck shoes or loafers.

I would always get my nails done. I wanted my nails to be perfect with a beautiful shade of red painted on them, at all times.  I would get  my hair done once a week. I just had to look perfect at all times.

I was very, very skinny and everything I ate went right through me as though I never ate at all.

Back then I was no Paris Hilton, but I was attractive in an unusual way. Everybody told me that I was pretty, but my vanity and my selfishness and my ‘Oh I’m so beautiful,’  attitude  kept the guys away from me.

I used to judge myself and everybody else by looks. I was just so shallow.

But when the years flew by, I started to get wrinkles and some gray hairs and I stopped acting like a Barbie Doll and for the first time in many years, I started to act like a person.

I am now married and I have two wonderful kitties and I only look in the mirror to wash my face, comb and style my hair and see if my clothes fit me properly. And of course to brush and floss my teeth.

What matters to me now, is my well being, and I go without my makeup, wear worn out jeans and a t-shirt and sneakers to do errands. And I am always thinking of ways to help people.

Yes, people can change for the much better. I know that I did.

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3 Responses to “At 46 Years Old I No Longer Feel Glamourous I Feel Great!”
  1. win her back Says:

    Just want to say your article is wonderful..

  2. d1dezire Says:

    Thanx 4 sharing and 4 giving me hope that people do in fact change

  3. albert1jemi Says:

    Thanks for sharing

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