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August 6, 2013 by VernonEElwell  
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You certainly do not think if it was not just the skin that could be getting old. Hair too!

In addition to being gray, you might suspect that the hair never really grow old. To be sure, the hair will not wrinkle or start sagged – thank goodness! However, actual strands of hair you also change along with changes in your body.

“When the hormones start to change, your hair is changing,” said Stephanie Tourles, licensed holistic beauty expert and the author of A Spa of Your Own. That is, at the age of 30 years, the hair will be dry. And when you are getting closer to menopause, the texture will be changed. Hair may not wisp first, appeared a new curly, or a different reaction. You do not have to give up to cut your hair or start wearing a wig. The following strategies can keep your hair shiny, now and decades ahead.

Crown massage your head

No need to spend money to massage the head in the salon. Handle alone, literally, and start massage your head at least once a month – ideally once a week.

“This is one of the healthiest things you can do for your hair,” said Mary Beth Janssen, organic beauty expert and author of Naturally Healthy Hair. “Massage will slough off dead skin cells, blood circulation and nutrients to the hair follicles, and stimulate growth.” (They make the hair shiny, smooth, and beautiful.)

How, apply a little olive oil, sesame or sweet almond at the tip of the fingers. Starting from the base of the head, scalp massage with fingertips in a circular motion and move to a small crown of the head. Start again from the temple to the back of the head. Then, moving from behind the ear to the base of the skull. If done regularly, according to Janssen results would “amaze.” (If you are willing to do extra care, you can wrap your head with a shower cap and a bandana or sleep with the oil still clinging to the hair. Use regular shampoo to rinse.)

Tata Meticulously Hair

You may think hair straightening tool is the ideal tool for your hair, but if you use it every day, most likely you will create artificial straight hair will eventually look as shiny and glossy like burnt toast. “Skin ari hair will burn at temperatures of about 130 degrees and most of the hair straightener is able to achieve up to 450-degree heat,” said Shelley Davis, founder of natural hair care Kinky-Curly. “If you hold too long hair straightener tool in a section, the result is permanent damage that can occur in just one session.”

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