Across My Memory

June 8, 2013 by Caitlin Baker  
Published in Hair

It tells about a girl daydreaming of a boy, and doing her best to help him.

Across my memory, figures gather and reminisce about the old days. They stand in circles talking and laughing with one another. All of my old classmates and teachers tell one another about where they are in their lives now; as if it is a competition to see who has the better life.
Across my memory, I receive flashes of children sitting in their desks. Teasing the poor black-haired boy with thick-rimmed glasses upon his face. No one knew, but that little boy left class each day to go cry in the bathroom stall.
Across my memory, I see my mother’s face, staring down at me.
Rage in her eyes.
A grimace upon her face.
Her fist raised high. Higher. Higher. Higher…
I snap back to reality, forcing myself to concentrate upon the handsome man speaking. He goes on talking about what a great life he has and how he loves his family very much.
He turns to me and asks me to tell my story. I take the man’s hand and turn to the circle.
“I am a doctor and I also love my family very much,” I say.
The man smiles as one of his sturdy hands glides through his slicked-back black hair.
I see those children again across my memory.
Across my memory, those two grown-up talking about their lives fades away into the distant future.
I sit in English class, listening to people pick on the poor boy. When he races out of the room, tears forming in his eyes, I follow him. I catch up to him.
He whirled his head around as soon as I touch his shoulder.
His eyes furious yet defeated. His stance slouched yet defensive.
I just smiled and walked right next to him to his next class.

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