A Remedy for Singed Hair

January 17, 2010 by SamanthaSammy  
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For hair that is slightly burned by the product or the blow dryer, iron, etc. used.

We all want to be beautiful so I had a panic attack one time after having my hair rebonded (it straightens the hair for 6 months) at a beauty salon because it got singed about an inch and a half at the ends. What was I going to do because I did not want my hair to look ugly. It is a woman’s crowning glory so I had to do something about it quickly.

I tried the products that several beauty parlors recommended but it did not have a good effect no matter how many times I used it. I had to find a remedy on my own immediately or look terrible for a few months. I also could not cut it because that was the length that fits my face and neck. I had to try so many products but they only had a minimal effect. Luckily, I found one from the Beauty Formulas brand. It is their Henna Treatment Wax Hair Conditioner . The hair started to moisten but it only started looking good after the third use. I used it twice a week afterwards to keep it moist.

I applied it not only to the singed hair but to all the hair on my head. I had nicer hair afterwards and continue to have it. I especially recommend it to diabetics who have dry skin, hair and nails due to the disease. When my 12 year old daughter started getting dry hair it also helped her hair look nicer.

Be warned about other products that do not really work. It is a trial and error situation especially in an emergency like I had. I praise Beauty Formulas for making a wonderful product that really works. Keep it up please!

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