10 Bad Hair Mistakes You Could be Making!

August 17, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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No matter what your hair type or color is, there are some things you just have to avoid!

Light roots and dark hair- People rag on dark roots and light hair, but that’s not nearly as bad as the reverse.  Light roots and dark hair could be due to two things–uneven dye that lightened the roots more than the ends, or a blonde person dying her hair darker and letting the roots grow out.  Either way, it’s really hard to spin this as a good look.


Crunchy curls- Many people with curly hair try to tame it with gel.  Gel works, but instead of using tons of it, try only a little, but aim for an anti-frizz serum or something more moisturizing.  Also, if you’re going to use gel, mix in a little water on your hands too.  This eliminates the crunch.


Chunky highlights- Chunky highlights are not natural-looking, and they’re tacky as well.  Try to avoid them.  They might come back into style but for now they do not look good.

Two-tone hair- Highlighted hair, or hair that gradually gets lighter toward the ends is fine, but don’t dye the top layer of your hair one color and the bottom layer a different color.  It was seen on Rock of Love, which means it should never be seen in the real world.

Accidental Mullet- Bangs are fine, but it’s so easy for them to turn into a mullet.  If you cut your own bangs, try not to cut them back too far, and especially don’t pair them with extremely short layers in the front and long hair in the back.  It may not seem like a mullet to you because it’s happening gradually, but seriously…it’s a mullet.  And I say this as a person who once had an accidental mullet.

Non-Shiny Black Hair- If your hair is super dark, make sure it’s shiny.  Blonde hair doesn’t tend to shine very much, so non-shiny blonde hair is fine.  But if you have black hair, you need to keep it shining or it can look dull.  A shine spray is great for this–I like Brunette Goddess shine spray by TiGi.  

Posh’s or Kate Gosselin’s haircut- These short styles might have been in a few years ago (and I’m being generous in regards to Kate) but they’re pretty much going out now.  A longer, more even version of Posh’s bob can be very cute though.  Bobs are always in, just avoid the harsh side part and angle.

Image by jdeeringdavis via Flickr

Brassy highlights- If you have dark hair and have highlighted it, there’s a high chance of brassiness happening.  This is when the highlights turn orange.  Some people can pull off brass better than other people, but if your skin is particularly pink, brass tends to clash horribly with it.  To solve this problem, try a purple shampoo like Shimmer Lights, or a shampoo made for blonde hair, even if your hair isn’t fully blonde.

Going too long without a trim- Try to get your hair trimmed 4-6 times a year if you are trying to grow it long, and more than that if you want to maintain your length.  Going too long without a trim can mean straggly and split ends, which never looks good.  It can be hard to realize when this is happening with your own hair, since we’re not always so self aware, so ask a very honest friend. Don’t ask a stylist though–in order to make money, they will always recommend a trim.  I once saw a guy who recommended a trim every month and a color touchup every three weeks!  Entirely overboard.

Color Buildup- When you’ve dyed your hair many times, you begin to get color build-up, which can make it hard for you to dye your hair again with any noticeable results.  Your hair can begin to look “muddy” and lack shine.  A color remover like Color Oops or Color Zap can remove color buildup, but it will usually leave your hair a much lighter, orange color, which is why you must dye your hair again after using these products.


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