Great Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles

August 6, 2012 by hemamanchanda  
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Basic care, Treatments and Powerful Homemade Tricks to Get Rid of Dark Circles.

Experts teach us how to minimize the annoying dark spots. The dark patches are more than a reflection of fatigue and sleepless nights. The dark Patches forms and around the eyes and can be triggered by various reasons. “The high concentration of melanin and congestion of the vessels in the region coupled with allergies, too much sun and smoking exaggerate the problem and heredity can also be a factor,” says dermatologist Amrita.

The good news is that there are lot many ways to circumvent all of these factors and return to the skin freshness and vitality.


The dark patches around the eyes are sometimes the result of excess skin pigmentation. As a dermatologist explains, “The UVA and UVB rays stimulate the production of melanin, so the use of sunscreen is also central to this region.” Remember that it needs to be applied throughout the day – this rule applies to even for those who work indoors.


Compresses help to refresh you. Do you know how to prepare a compress of chamomile? Make tea concentrate, wait a few minutes to cool and place in freezer. Apply over the eyes and leave it for 10 minutes. Put iced tea in the bag and reapply. Make the dressing lying with high head – this position stimulates the vessels to return to normal size, reducing the swelling. Do you want something more practical? Keep in refrigerator boric acid or saline water. Whenever you want, simply moisten swabs and leave a little around the eyes.


Make up can hide many flaws of skin. The brushes make a difference in the finishing. Applying the concealer with your finger and with the help of right brush makes a difference. Before starting makeup you need to drink water it helps to hydrate the skin. There are specific creams for rapid response to energize the eye area – a great choice for those who are in a hurry. When choosing a concealer, keep an eye on the texture and color.


During the application of creams stimulate the movement of upper and lower eyelids. “As the eye region has a more fragile and delicate tissue, one must be careful not to pull the skin too much which encourages laxity. Done carefully, twice daily, morning and evening, this ritual is able to reduce the swelling, “advises dermatologist Amrita.


Dark circles triggered by pigment deposited in the deeper layers of skin. To reduce swelling, topical creams with ginkgo biloba, caffeine, rutin and vitamin K promise effective results. Retinol and peptides help to strengthen and stimulate collagen production. Formulations containing caffeine, green tea and aloe-Vera work together for the contraction of blood vessels, as they have anti-inflammatory action.

Lymphatic drainage

It works to improve blood circulation, increasing the vascularity where it is applied. “That way lessens bags and expression marks in the eye region and contributes to the bleaching of dark pigmentation,” says Vanessa Nagy, a physical therapist specializing in lymphatic drainage face and body for 10 years. She also points out: “The effects are not permanent, lasting for some time, which varies from person to person, so the maintenance of treatment is essential.”


This initiates a process which produces exfoliating skin peeling, with subsequent tissue regeneration, improving texture. In addition to lighten the spots, reduces fine wrinkles and stimulates collagen renewal that gives more firmness to the skin.

Beauty treatments

A powerful medicine offers therapies. A dermatologist  suggests “The laser destroys the dark pigment caused by the accumulation of melanin. Another procedure is very effective carboxiterapia, which consists of applying carbon dioxide in the lower eyelid to improve oxygenation of the area. This helps to eliminate toxins, and stimulate collagen production to smooth expression marks. It is most suitable for those who have dark circles associated with sagging and fine lines around the eyes. “

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