Four Tips for a Healthy and Beautiful Skin

September 30, 2010 by orlando javier  
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How important is your skin to you? Your answer would surely be a resounding “So very!” It is said that if eyes are the windows of the soul, the skin is the showcase of the total person. What your skin projects on the outside says a lot about you and your inner body. A healthy and beautiful skin mirrors a healthy and beautiful inner body.

How important is your skin? Consider these. Your skin is the first item on your body that people see. If your skin is beautiful and healthy, it is readily visible. Your skin is composed of millions of tiny overlapping scales or tissues that serve as protective covering of your entire body surface. This covering is waterproof, which means that water does not seep through the skin to soak what is underneath. Beneath this covering is an insulating layer of fat, complete with a signaling system of nerves to warn of an invasion or to otherwise serve as second line of protection to insulate the inside from heat or cold.

When it is extremely cold, the skin blood vessels contract to make the skin serve as a blanket. In extreme heat, the skin opens its pores to release the trapped heat inside into what is known as sweat.

The skin covering is also stretchable to fit the body perfectly upon birth and adjusts to the growth in size of the human body as it ages. At a certain age, it begins to slacken to make way for the natural contracting that comes with aging.


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Because it is the body part that is exposed most of the time to the elements, it is the most prone to dusts, scratches, breaches, hits, bumps, bruises and other impairments or ailments. Of course, our survival instinct will not want the bruises to happen to the skin, but it is worthwhile to take extra precaution that these do not happen. Bruises and contusions can develop into ugly scars even if the skin can heal itself. Certainly, anything that will disturb the beauty and condition of that showcase will not look good and cause some discomfort.

Most often, however, the skin disorders are not visibly inflicted. They are more constitutional, like red spots and brown spots and those unwanted marks which appear unannounced on the face, neck or shoulders. Skin disorders such as these are generally caused by what we take in and how we take care of our skin. They could be signs of deficiency in nutrition or some underlying impairments that may require medical attention.

Here are four suggestions for a healthy and beautiful skin:

  1. Drink lots of water. 60% of our body is made up of water. We need water to survive, not only to aid metabolism but also to replenish the water that escapes through the skin pores by evaporation. It is during this evaporation that toxins accumulated in the skin are released to give way to a clearer, cleaner skin.
  2. Take a bath everyday, and wash face and arms before sleeping. As the body rebuilds its tired tissues, let the skin rebuild its tissues that were exposed to the elements all day.
  3. Take a full amount of sleep. That’s the reason they call it beauty sleep or beauty rest. It is during sleep that skin breaches are repaired and smoothened out for a brighter and radiant skin the following morning.
  4. Take supplements. Healthcare experts are always ready to produce research studies that will support their recommendations for Vitamins C, E, A, K and B complex for healthful skin.

Skin is so important to us that we could not bear to see a little dot on our face to appear there without permission. Beyond the beauty implications, any unusual mark on the skin must be viewed as a health concern. Even as you follow these suggestions to the letter, there is no substitute for expert medical advice when it comes to maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin.

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    Kabayan, another well-presented post that is very informative. Thank god, i follow your tips. kaya nga balat sibuyas ako.. LOL

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