Five Women Who Make Your Couple Jealous

March 26, 2013 by Madam HOT  
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Women are jealous creatures. Sometimes they will pay attention to something more detail about yourself. Including anyone your girlfriends.

Women are jealous creatures. Sometimes they will pay attention to something more detail about yourself. Including anyone your girlfriends.

Of all the female friends around you, there are 5 women who can make your partner furious when you close them. Who are the five women?

Friends Work Dress Sexy
Coworkers who often dressed in sexy may be the first that will make your partner jealous fire. Nearly half of your life is spent in the office and have more access to get along with coworkers. This is what will make your partner jealous with your coworkers.

To overcome jealousy, occasionally invite him for a short tour in the office and introduce all your work friends, including the sexy. End the tour with him to the desk. At the table he will see his picture hanging in there. And the photo is a powerful weapon to ward off an affair with a co-worker, said the author of ‘I Love Female Orgasm’, Dorian Solot.

Friends Lecture
That makes your partner is jealous, you spend less than 4 years with a college friend. Slightly more you get to know and get closer to your college friends first. It could even be your first ever date her. In addition, the ups and downs on campus for the lecture can also lead to unforgettable memories.

So that your partner is not jealous, take her to the reunion events and hangout with your college friends first. Let him see that you are a college friend who is close to all the male friends like family.

Women Motherhood
This is the character most widely reap jealousy for most women. Especially if your lover is a tomboy. If by chance you have a friend with a motherly character, occasionally came to his place together with your loved one. Let your lover know and learn from them about what the shortcomings, because there is no perfect woman is created as well as men.

Facebook friend
Either facebook or twitter could be the trigger for her jealousy towards you. Even when you have changed the status to “in relationship”, he’s still worried if your female friends on social media ignored it.

If there is time, take him surfing the internet with you. Make sure he knows if you’ve never cheated or contact someone secretly either via facebook or twitter. If necessary, let him know the username and password of your account.

Queen of the Gym
You like to practice in the gym and a personal trainer by chance you are a sexy woman with a toned body and ideal. Perhaps you feel that talking to him a few minutes after exercise is normal, but not with your partner.

Tell your partner that a personal trainer has been married and has two children. Or tell your partner that the personal trainer is asking you to ‘matchmaker’ to be introduced to your male friends.

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