Five Tricks for Older Couple Wants Foreplay

August 29, 2012 by dirga01  
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Five Tricks For Older Couple Wants Foreplay.

Most men are reluctant lingering foreplay, while women usually want intimacy longer in bed. According to a survey conducted Lifestyle Condom, 41% of women expect their partners want foreplay longer. There are some tricks to make him want to spend more time in bed for foreplay, as quoted by Cosmopolitan USA.

1. You mean to say

Your partner can not read your mind. Do not just grumble because of the lack of ’service’ foreplay of the couple. Let him know what stimulation can make you more excited before finally reaching the intercourse session. Tell him something like, “I love when you kiss my neck, touching in this area …” (While pointing his hand to the area in question).

2. Perform PDA Before Foreplay

Foreplay not only be done in the bedroom, but also in public places; in ways more subtle and polite of course. When you and your partner a romantic dinner before going home, bring your body to the chest, thighs rub him and play with your fingers between her legs. Back home, he would not wait to start making out with you.

3. ‘Hunting’ Enjoyment

Know your body each partner to know the point of the new stimuli. Lie down and let him explore by tapping and touching your body. Also do the same on the pair. Do not know where to start? Search for body parts most sensitive pair, for example chest, ears, neck or pelvis.

4. Make Games

Write the things what you want to do during foreplay on the deck of cards. Put a pillow under the bed, in the husband’s briefcase, closets or other places. Ask him to take one card each day and see what he finds writing. The card drawn is a sexy game that you should play and mate evening.

5. Chat ‘Naughty’

No need to think about difficult things, such as roaring like a wild tiger. Simply whisper only passion you feel. Let your husband know how much you crave kiss and touch. Say what you want to do is how to make small talk ‘naughty’ the easiest. In addition, ask him which body part to be given a gentle kiss.

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