Five Best Self Tanner

November 14, 2010 by Jennifer Belleau  
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It’s nice to get some color in our faces during the winter. Here are the best self tanners to help us achieve a more natural sunny glow.

1.) Jergen’s Natural Glow foam- The Jergen’s foam gets great reviews. It’s subtle, so you need to do it several times for a tan to show up, but that means that it’s harder to mess up.  The Jergen’s face moisturizer is also okay, but it’s so sublte that you might as well just use a regular moisturizer.

2.) Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun- I was skeptical of this when I saw it in stores, but this is a great product, especially the face spray, which is enriched with retinol and vitamins (I still like to use a moisturizer over it, especially in the winter).  This is great for covering areas where lotion might “crease up”, like the chest area, and the hard-to-reach back.

3.) Neutrogena Build a Tan- This is a great product becuase it’s a little more noticeable than Jergen’s, but still subtle enough to avoid obvious mistakes. You get your ideal tan after three uses.

4.) L’Oreal Sublime Bronze gelee- I love the texture of this product.  It’s gelee, so you don’t get the greasy feeling that sometimes comes along with lotions, and it dries so quickly.  Be warned, though…this isn’t a subtle moisturizer, it really does show up.

5.) Lavera self tanner (found in Target)- This self tanner is sort of like Neutrogena Build a Tan in terms of subtleness.  No orange, and it’s almost all-natural.  Plus, it can be used on the body and face!  It’s a bit pricey though, at $22.

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