Finding Peace, in the Middle of a Storm

April 7, 2012 by Kharla Jolly  
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This article is about fear, a natural feeling that rises up on the inside of us. It comes in response to anything that poses a threat, to us or anything that we care about.

When circumstances in our life seem dark and hopeless, one can easily become overwhelmed by them. Our focus and thoughts at this time, are totally given over to the problem. Instead, our sights should be kept on the one who holds all of our answers the problem solver, Jesus Christ. Thinking about the things we are facing, weighing these problems in our mind, and trying to come up with a perfect solution to resolve them.

This is the power of SELF, trying to handle everything the proper way. This comes from our inner fears, when things in our life appear to be on the wrong path, running out of control. Again, I will say the exact same thing, we are trying to solve our own problems, instead of allowing the TRUE problem solver do it for us!

Letting go of these issues, is extremely easy to say, yet it is very hard to do. SELF is afraid to let go, not trusting in their Heavenly Father’s ability to handle things for you. FAITH is the substance(can see) of things that we hope for(desire) AND it is the EVIDENCE(you know for sure) of things that are NOT seen(can’t see). Another words, if we don’t know what is in the road ahead of us, taking our hands off these circumstances, will leave us wide open, to absolutely anything! So, in fear, we grip tightly onto the controls once again, convinced that we know better than anyone what’s best for us. Yet, God sees the full picture of your life. He’s the one who created you in the first place, so he knows the beginning, he can see everything in the middle and he knows the end part, also. God is the ‘Alpha and the Omega’, the beginning and the end of all things! So, how could a little peanut (so to speak) in this universe that HE created, know better than God what needs to be done? The obvious answer to this silly question is, ‘We don’t!’ He is the only one who holds all of our answers, to absolutely everything! Yet, fear keeps us from giving all our problems to God, refusing to take them back again. So we become our own burden bearer, with a heavy load weighing heavy on our shoulders.

When we are fully trusting in the Lord, he becomes the one who carries that load for us. (John 8:36) Whom the Son of God sets free is free indeed, which means, we are no longer in shackles and chains to our circumstances! Let go and let God have your life.         God Bless 

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15 Responses to “Finding Peace, in the Middle of a Storm”
  1. Thomas69 Says:

    interesting article

  2. TIPS2TRICKS Says:

    Each step, governed by God
    And his love’s hand, leading me
    In the midst of the storm of the world, scary
    My heart remains calm shady

    each steps
    I know that God led
    I was taken to higher ground by Him
    Until later once I arrive
    In the house of the Father, the eternal heaven

    At the time of my faith began to waver
    And when my path is almost perverse
    I looked at my Lord penance
    I strong because He is near

    My hope in God alone
    For hands, prosperous
    Opening, the new Jerusalem
    City of God’s holy glory.

  3. xphantoms Says:

    answer question, like

  4. A Bromley Says:

    Wonderful share. God will never lead us where His grace can not protect us no matter how scary it looks from our point of view. Let go and let God, my problem is I too frequently try to snatch the problem back; like I can really do anything about it. Wonderful message and reminder here my dear friend. Thank you.

  5. Norm Schneider Says:

    Beautiful thoughts. Thanks.

  6. Martin Kloess Says:

    i recall when my wife’s life was in danger. there was no fear.

  7. Tulan Says:

    well said.

  8. h4mz4h Says:


  9. erwinkennythomas Says:


  10. dwisuka Says:

    very good

  11. Aroosa Hermosa Says:


  12. lauralu Says:

    reminds me of that old hymn about walking in a storm and not being afraid, beautiful thanks.

  13. CHIPMUNK Says:

    Awesome write up thanks

  14. mohitraj321 Says:

    nice thought

  15. avissado Says:

    have faith in the lord and he shall never let you down!

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