Extraordinarily Disgusting and Expensive Beauty Treatments

November 5, 2008 by Louie Jerome  
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Beauty treatments can do a lot for the ego and really lift the spirits, but how far would you go to look drop dead gorgeous? Some people are prepared to go further than others. Are you brave enough to try these for yourself?

There is a whole range of beauty treatments available these days and it is possible to have almost any part of your body remodelling, plumped up, slimmed down, or just smoothed. Some of these treatments are very costly and so not available for most of us. Massage, aromatherapy, waxing, and eyebrow shaping are common place, but what about these more exotic treatments? Would you be brave enough to try them, even if you didn’t have to pay for them.

photo credit: chinadaily.com

The Ada Barak snake spa in northern Israel uses California King, Milk and Corn Snakes to loosen up those muscles and massage away the aches and pains. These snakes are not poisonous and they are supposed to relieve stress. This treatment costs $70 and the owner of the snake spa says that once people get over their initial apprehension, they actually enjoy the crawling snake sensation.

Larger snakes are used to give deeper massage and the treatments were first offered back in 2006. The snake spa is now a tourist attraction and it received a lot of publicity after Ada Barak appeared on the Tyra Banks Show in US.

Personally, the whole idea of having snakes crawling over my body gives me the creeps. I have held a snake before. It was a huge boa constrictor but I am in no hurry to repeat the experience. I get a shiver down my back just thinking about it and as for paying $70 for the privilege, I think not.

photo credit: chinadaily.com

Just to make matters worse imagine how horrible it must be let snakes give you a facial massage. How this lady can lay there with her eyes cosed I don’t know, but there again, having your eyes open might make matters considerably worse.  (And I thought having my eyebrows plucked was the height of torture where beauty treatments are concerned.)

If you don’t fancy this you could always try leeches to enhance your natural beauty. Leeches have long been used in US and UK medicine to help purify blood but they are now being used as beauty aids. Actress Demi Moore revealed how she detoxifies her blood every so often by using leeches.

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It is claimed that these slimy leeches will cleanse your blood and make you feel and look more vibrant. What you have to do is shave all the hair off your skin, soak the skin in turpentine and once it stops hurting, you apply the leeches.

Demi Moore told viewers, when she appeared on the David Letterman Show, that these are ,  ‘not some low-level scavengers…..we are talking about highly trained medical leeches.’ 

I would be interested to know exactly what kind of medical training these leeches under go. Now, there’s a topic for an article, ‘How to train leeches to medical standard’.

However, if you are not squeamish and you fancy the idea a being sucked by these fat, slimy creatures, perhaps you would draw the line here.

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To rid your face of pimples just add a few leeches and let them suck away at your skin until it’s nice and clean again. I am not sure if this is perhaps worse than the snakes. At least they just crawl around. This brave girl has her eyes open too.

Snakes and leeches are just the tip of the iceberg, as the saying goes. There are many more disgusting beauty treaments out there. Some practitioners recommend drinking your own urine and another, in England suggest a shampoo with bull semen to make your hair shiny and well conditioned. By the way, it has to be an Aberdeen Angus bull.

Dried nightingale droppings are recommended by experts as a facial treatment, apparently this was popular with the old Japanese Geishas.

Once you have done all this, perhaps you would like to beautify your feet too. There are various salons across Europe where you can put your feet in a pool of water and have Garra Rufa, or Doctor Fish eat all the dead skin. I’m told it’s very good for ridding yourself of hard skin.

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I must admit that if I had to try one of the treatments mentioned here, it would be this one. I think I woulod be brave enough to put my feet in the water with all those little fish, but I’m not so sure that I could stand the tickling. In fact, even as I write about this, I have a starange tickling sensation underneath my feet.

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13 Responses to “Extraordinarily Disgusting and Expensive Beauty Treatments”
  1. Glynis Smy Says:

    Yuk, I say again Yuk!! I will stick to being ugly ;) )))))))) Good work! I would not go for any of those treatments.

  2. Peggy Toolen Says:

    Wow, where do you come up with these articles you write! You find some of the most interesting things to write about. I have to say I too would rather be ungly than have snakes or leaches crawling all over me! Some people are crazy!

  3. lanne Says:

    Interesting indeed, but I too will pass. If I handle a snake I want to be looking at what he`s doing or where he is going. I agree with Glynis. Yuck! Good article though.

  4. Uma Shankari Says:

    Quite amusing really. And what awesome pictures!!

  5. Kelly Says:


  6. jhenz Says:

    whoah! the snake scared the witz out of me! but very interesting nevertheless… :) thank you.

  7. R J Evans Says:

    Yeeeeeeuch! I have to agree with jhenz – the snakes, the snakes! Let me out!!

  8. BC Doan Says:

    Out of this world treatments, Louie! I too shall pass all of these luxury, and stay ugly!

  9. Anne Lyken Garner Says:

    How ghastly! NO thank you! I’d rather not.

    Great article Louie.

  10. eddiego65 Says:

    Gross! Very interesting beauty treatments though!

  11. Louie Jerome Says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I have to agree with Icy and Glynis. If this is what it takes, I’ll stay ugly!

  12. Lex92 Says:

    I think I’ll skip the fish, and the snake treatments :) lol id try the fish one though i’m extrememly ticklish! Great article louie!

  13. gabbic1219 Says:

    this was an amazing article…i would maybe do the fish for i love my feet touched and they really are not ticklish,on the other hand my jaw was at the floor looking at the other treaments!leaches,that is disgusting and hey if ur not afraid of snakes then maybe go for it,they have stronger pressure than a human as long as looking pretty dont kill u first,LOL!what a bizarre world! gabbi

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