Excuse Me, But You Have Something on Your Face: Strange Beauty Treatments

November 24, 2008 by lanne  
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It seems that some women will do just about anything to try to turn back the hands of time. Our grandmothers used natural things like egg whites and honey to keep their skin soft and glowing, and beer for shining hair, but you may be surprised at some of the natural ingredients that are showing up in high end beauty products these days.

Snail Goo Moisturizer

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Elicina Europe has developed a cream that users claim that not only does this cream that is 80% Snail Goo keep their skin soft and radiant, but has helped to erase fine lines and acne scars. The miarcle properties of Snail Goo were discovered in 1980 by a Chilean  family who raised snails for the French food market. The workers noticed that not only were their hands unnaturally soft, but small cuts seemed to heal very quickly. In 1995 after fifteen years of study, Elicina Cream was made available to the South American cosmetic market.

Bull Semen Facials

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London hairdresser to the stars hari Salem has developed a product made of pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull semen and Katera, a protein rich plant root grown in Iran that he calls “Viagra for hair”  For £85 your hair will be covered in the solutionand left for thirty minutes. After it is rinsed and blow dried  you are out the door, aparently with a head of nourished, healthy, unbelievably shiny hair.

Bird Poo Facial

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If you stop by Hari`s Salon in London for a Bull Semen hair masque, you might as well stay for a Nightingale Poo Facial. The guanine in Nightingale Poo is packed with illuminating amino acids that brighten the skin and have been used for centuries by the Japanese.

Breast Milk Soap

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At Mothersmoon.com you can order  products made with, you guessed it: Mothers Milk. Available in a variety of scents and healing properties, all of the products are made from the breast milk of the company`s owner. She made her first batch for her son`s first birthday and gave the bars away as gifts to her guests. She started her her company soon after. Bars cost $4-$5 for a three oz bar.  Her son is seven years old now. Makes you wonder how long she can stay in business. This one is not for me thanks.

These are just a few of the strange things that people are willing to use in the name of beauty. Would you be willing to try them?

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17 Responses to “Excuse Me, But You Have Something on Your Face: Strange Beauty Treatments”
  1. lanne Says:

    There is a fix in for spelling errors. Triond took it too fast this time.

  2. Glynis Smy Says:

    mmm what would I say to a friend who said ” I made you a gift of soap from my breast milk” ? I would probably say ” no thanks, I would rather have a snail facial” !!! Great article.

  3. lanne Says:

    I am with you on this one Glynis. I could handle the first 3 if I had to…but not the breast milk. That is just a little on the freaky side as a gift.

  4. Mary Contrary Says:

    I guess you would say there are “Best” friends and there are “Breast” friends eh”? lol Loved the article! :)

  5. R J Grant Says:

    It’s getting scary out there : )

    What ever happened to Cover Girl and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo?


  6. Dan Haugh Says:

    The breast milk of human females is for some reason worse than the breast milk of a cow?

    I am not sure that there is really anything wrong with breast milk, but I prefer to use my favourite comsetic. “Boiled Tree bark.” ;-)

  7. M.C. Johnson Says:


  8. Mr O Says:

    Great article! Some new information for me

  9. lindalulu Says:

    Nope not me for any of them…yuk yuk yuk,I’ll stick to the over the counter stuff for now thank you.

  10. Ruby Hawk Says:

    We do a lot of silly things for the sake of beauty but I still like egg whites for a facial and beer for my hair. I think I will stick with those old tried and true. Let me know how the bird poo works out. Just kidding,Ruby

  11. Darlene McFarlane Says:

    I’m with Ruby. I still use egg white facials and I am sticking with it. No Bull semen for this old girl and no Nightingale Poop either. By the way…I am your mother and if I give you a bar of soap for Christmas, you must use it…no questions asked.

    Gross but good article. ;-)

  12. Anne Lyken Garner Says:

    Great article, but I think I’ll pass, thank you. I refuse to put slime, gunk, or poo on my face.

  13. Juancav Says:

    Weirds ,beauty treatments,only for we know what are made of,but those donĀ“t know are made of?

  14. lanne Says:

    No…you wont see any of these things on my face/hair either. Egg, yogurt and beer for the hair. I`ll have to be careful at Christmas I guess.

  15. Michele Cameron Drew Says:

    Weirdness for the weird. Yuck! Interesting article though, and very well written, Lanne. :)


  16. nobert soloria bermosa Says:

    unusual …

  17. Blue Buttefly Says:

    Really weird!

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