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June 11, 2013 by yummytrips  
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Dresses have been an all-time favorite with women since the advent of fashion and its metamorphosis till date.

Dresses have been an all-time favorite with women since the advent of fashion and its metamorphosis till date. The reason for their huge popularity is the sheer comfort factor that adorns them and also the plethora of pretty styles, cute patterns and intricate designs that are available in this segment of clothing, which suit every preference and taste. Another major aspect that contributes to their ever-increasing craze is that they can be worn at any time or place and are apt for all the occasions. Imagine the trauma of slipping into a blouse, trouser and blazer in the early morning rush while you’re getting ready for office each day, when you feel so hard pressed for time, whereas a dress can be worn within a fraction of seconds, saving you ample time and energy.

Here, we list down a few of the timeless classics in dresses that have ruled the beauty circuit in every season and are found proudly hanging in every woman’s wardrobe as their prized possession. 

Floral prints /polka-dotted / striped dresses: Floral print dresses speak of abundance of cuteness. They are truly feminine and girly and exude an old-world charm and refresh with their vintage beauty. Polka dots just keep on getting better every-day and till date every woman has at-least few polka dresses or tops or skirts that they adore greatly. All these dresses have come of age and stated their priceless appeal which women never want to let go. This fact makes them evergreen.

Maxi / Sundress: Maxi’s are superbly comfortable and stylish. They have a very bohemian appeal to them. They are chic and sleek simultaneously. Available with a drawstring version, this long flowing one-piece is available in a variety of shades, designs and patterns with cute neck-lines and embellishments. Slip on one and you’re ready to head to a music festival or the beach this summer. They are a great cover-up after a nice swimming session and apt for summers. Pair them with colorful flip-flops, hat and sunglasses along-with nice bright chunky jewelry and you are set to make heads turn with your cool look.

Body-con dress: These dresses speak of sheer sexiness. They take your oomph factor to an all new high. These figure hugging beauties spell glitz and glamour throughout.

Strappy dresses: Strappy dresses in a bold red and the evergreen black shade, with straps on top and made of rich silken fabrics in short lengths is the best and most trusted look for a wedding, an evening cocktail or a date. These are classic styles and every woman owns one in both the colors.

T-shirt dresses / Skater dresses: These help you in ditching the jeans. They are super comfy and look adorable. The patterns available in these are super cute. Some come with lace work in various lengths which are exceptionally pretty. Skater dresses can be worn throughout the day and are highly comfortable and trendy.

Wrap dress: These dresses are hassle free and are donned in minutes. Available in a variety of fabrics and designs, they are cute, comfortable, trendy and stylish. Especially apt when you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to get ready.

Lisa is a fashion designer and a freelance blogger. She has quite a bit of experience in designing clothes for young ones and recently he designed couple of very cute dresses for girls.

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