Essential Beauty Advice: Makeup That Accentuates Your Features Without Looking Fake

July 15, 2012 by alkemyst  
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Guys can tell when you’ve caked your makeup on like you’re from Jersey Shore, and most are turned off because they can’t tell what lies beneath. Look natural and beautiful by using the right makeup to make men notice you instead of making them run away at the sight of you.

1. Use blush.  Everyone looks good in blush; you can consider this a staple whenever you’re going out.  If you’ have a light skin tone, you might have to look around to find a shade that suits you.  As a hint, try to use a colour that closely matches your natural blush.  If you have a darker skin tone, most shades will work so just pick one that you like.  Don’t apply too much, and make sure to blend well.  Guys are naturally attracted to rosier cheeks because it makes you look healthy and youthful.

2.  Wear highlighter.  Most ladies don’t use this, but it’s very underrated.  You can skip out on the eyeshadow and lipstick, but highlighter can make you look way more attractive than either of those.  Done right, highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones accentuates your cheekbones–a defining characteristic of beauty–and even if you don’t have prominent cheekbones, it gives the appearance of cheekbones.  Highlighter in a thin vertical line along the your nose (from top to bottom) fixes asymmetry in your face by giving the illusion of symmetry (another important factor in beauty).  Finally, add just a bit on the top of your chin and just below the eyebrows to give your face more radiance and make your eyes some pop. Note: if you have darker skin or have tanned a lot, you can also use bronzer as highlighter.

3. Curl your eyelashes.  Eyelash curlers will not cost you more than $10 at a drugstore, and they’re great to use because you’re not really adding any substances to your face.  This means that you don’t have to worry about makeup smudging or wearing off.  Curling your eyelashes will make your eyes pop, and since eyes are one of the first points of contact and probably gets the most attention (at least on the face), it’s important to look interested.  I always curl my eyelashes when I’m sleep-deprived or tired since your eyes tend to droop, and curling your eyelashes can “counter” some of the dreariness on your face.  

4.  Add vaseline to your eyelashes.  Only do this in the winter or when it’s cold.  Adding a tiny bit of vaseline instead of mascara can provide the appearance of thick, colour-saturated eyelashes that are so sexy.  But applying mascara everyday isn’t very good for your eyes or your eyelashes so try substituting with vaseline for your everyday look.

5. Skip the eyeshadow and lipstick.  There’s not too many guys I know that like showy eyeshadow or shade of lipstick on a girl–this is actually the stuff that screams ‘fake’.  And for god’s sake, please don’t apply too much of both–then you just look like a hooker.  I don’t own any lipstick, although I’ll ocassionally wear black or dark blue eyeshadow when I’m going out at night.  But don’t wear it everyday.

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