Dull, Brittle Locks?: Follow The Four Expert Rules for Strong, Beautiful Hair

How can you take better care of your hair? This article provides four simple tips from the hair experts.

(BPT) – For years, women have been working at the ends of hair, rather than the foundation – the scalp. Now, it is time to start working at the right end of hair.

Ninety-nine percent of hair’s natural strength and beauty comes from the scalp, CLEAR Scalp-& Hair Beauty Therapy reports. A well-nourished scalp is the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair.

To help women commit to working at the right end of hair, CLEAR Scalp-& Hair Therapy experts Dr. Francesca Fusco, a leading New York City dermatologist, and celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, are sharing their secrets to strong, beautiful hair.

Rule No. 1 – Care for your scalp like your skin 

Dr. Fusco’s advice is to give the scalp the TLC it needs, just like you would the skin on your face. This will create the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair. “Rule No.1 is to wear a hat when outdoors to protect the scalp and hair from UV damage,” she says.

Rule No. 2 – Exfoliate 

Dr. Fusco recommends exfoliating the scalp by shampooing regularly. “It is important to shampoo regularly to prevent product buildup and dulling dead cells on the scalp and hair,” says Dr. Fusco. Regular shampooing also allows for efficient absorption of conditioners.

Rule No. 3 – Moisturize 

It’s essential to moisturize and nourish the scalp to create the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair. The optimal time to moisturize is immediately after shampooing. “While the line of CLEAR shampoos are formulated to feed scalp, regular shampooing also helps to cleanse and remove product buildup. This allows the conditioning product to absorb efficiently and deliver the beneficial ingredients to the hair,” says Dr. Fusco.

Rule No. 4 – Treat your strong, beautiful hair 

Atkin defines strong, beautiful hair as strands that have shine and body, and don’t easily break when combing. For stronger, more beautiful hair, she advises her clients to use a nourishing treatment at least once a week. “All women can benefit from using the CLEAR Damage-& Color Repair Deep Nourishing Treatment Mask. It nourishes the scalp deeply and is formulated to provide up to 95 percent more damage-resistant hair in three minutes, resulting in less breakage when combing, compared to using a non-conditioning shampoo” says Atkin.

For more tips on caring for your scalp and hair visit: www.facebook.com/clearhaircare.

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