Dudes, What’s Up with The Razor Bumps?

September 14, 2010 by anon.  
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Shaving Method to Prevent Razor Burn.

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Nothing is quite as frustrating as trying to shave when you already have razor bumps. If you do manage to force yourself through another painful shave when the bumps exist, you end up with what I call “Frankenstein Face”. Much blood, sweat, and tears go hand in hand just trying to get a decent look for the work day. It has taken me some painful years of experience to get around this problem. I’m not saying that this method of shaving will work for everyone, but it has proven effective for me. Let’s start at the beginning. I prefer to use  disposable razors. The reason is simple; when the razor becomes dull, we usually won’t hesitate to throw it out and use a fresh one. With the slightly more expensive models, the replacement blades can add up in cost, so we put off refilling the blade for a while. This leads to shaving with a dull blade. You will have as much luck trying to shave with a rock as you will a dull razor. Throw them out and use a disposable. I also like to use the triple bladed ones. The reason here is also simple; a single pass will do rather than repeatedly thrashing your face with a single bladed razor. The type of shaving cream really doesn’t seem to matter either, it just depends on what you want to use. Start by making sure your face is thoroughly wet. The best time to shave is after a good shower. The wetter the face is, the better the shave will be. When you get out of the shower, towel off but try to leave the face as damp as possible. Next, turn on the cold water in the sink and place the razor under the water stream for about 30 seconds. This will help to close microscopic nicks in the razor and the result is an easier shave. After the razor has been chilled in cold water, apply the shave cream. Make sure you have plenty on there, don’t be cheap. To start the shave, the stroke should be from the top of the face, going down the face. Swipe the razor as if you were drawing a line from the cheek, all the way down to the neck in one fluid movement. DO NOT go back over the same area you just shaved. The idea is to shave, not de-bark a tree. One stroke for each strip is good, being done with slight pressure, and rinsing the razor in the cold running water. After you’ve done the shaving, wipe the face with a towel. The next thing you will do is to switch the water over to hot. Put a washcloth under the water and wring it out, then place the hot washcloth over the face and neck until the cloth becomes cool. Once that has been done, get ready for some pain. I use an inexpensive aftershave which is sold in the same section of the store as the shaving cream. The ones with the most alcohol are the best to apply. Yes, I know it sounds masochistic, but it works. The alcohol in the aftershave seems to prevent the razor burn. I don’t recommend the aftershaves which are thick and balmy. Get a generous palmful of the aftershave and splash it on the face and neck. Screaming, biting a stick, and crying are permitted at this stage. Having dried your tears, allow the face to dry before engaging in any activity which will cause you to sweat. Now you are good to go. If there are razor bumps already before you shave, don’t do it! These bumps must be allowed to heal before the shaver can expect to start a new routine of shaving. In the past, I have used straight rubbing alcohol to help the razor bumps dry up. I know, another painful thought, but it works. Well, I hope this helps guys! Thanks for reading.

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