Don’t Pay a Fortune for Eye Tapes!

February 25, 2012 by ClaireBrando  
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You may have seen them on TV informercials – tapes that lift drooping eyelids. So costly! But be sure to read this before you buy them!

Have you seen those ads that have been running lately for eye tapes? They are small, elliptical shaped medical grade pieces of tape that, apparently, go on your eyelids, and somehow, by virtue of their presence there, make drooping eyelids less droopy. They give the wearer a more wide-eyed appearance, as in the younger days.

It’s very tempting to order these for some women – and even some men. Clear and colorless, the tapes are barely visible, and makeup can be placed on top of them with no problems. However, for such tiny little tapes, the price is pretty big – around $22 plus shipping and “handling”, whatever that entails. Putting the product into the shipping envelope, perhaps? 

What if when you went to the grocery store you were charged a “standing” fee, for the amount of time your cashier had to stand while he or she rang up your purchases? That’s what a handling fee is. Unless the shipping is exactly cost, and handling is being used to offset the cost of packing materials, then it’s nothing more than a “standing” fee on your grocery receipt.

Far better to instead go to eBay, type “eye tapes” into the search engine, and purchase – for the meager cost of anywhere from 99 cents to three dollars – the very same eye tapes, and receive FREE shipping, don’t you think?

So if you are tempted to try the new eye tapes, this is a low-cost way to do it. You can use the extra money to buy yourself a new mascara to show off those beautiful eyes.

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2 Responses to “Don’t Pay a Fortune for Eye Tapes!”
  1. mdrkarim7 Says:

    Nicely written.

  2. lauralu Says:

    You find such interesting items thanks!
    ps I have a new lipstick in my purse.

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