Do Clothes’ Colors Offer Proof of a Woman’s Fertility?

May 28, 2013 by Norm Schneider  
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What does that slinky red dress say about you?

Ladies the next time you go out you might be a little more cautious about the color of the clothes you wear. That’s because researchers have discovered that red is a color that announces to the world that you are fertile. Honest, I’m not making this up.

Canadian scientists asked 124 women what color shirt/blouse they were wearing and when they had their last period. There was no indication about what incentive the volunteers were given to reveal such personal information, but it had better have been quite good.

Red And Pink Give Strong Signals

As a result of the questions, the researchers were able to deduce that the women (ages 18 to 47) who were within two weeks of their last period were three times more likely to wear pink or red colors. Those who chose other colors were not within the same fertile time period.

The researchers equate their findings to studies that show some animals exhibit colorful displays when they are trying to attract mates. The current study is suggesting that humans may exhibit similar displays. And you thought your morning trip to your clothes closet was just a matter of picking something to wear.

But, before you go off and make too much of the new study the same researchers found that fewer women wore red during the summer months – even when they were at the peak of their fertility. The researchers surmised that women could exhibit more mate attracting garb in the summer – say a string bikini – so added colors aren’t as necessary.

Is There More Than Meets The Eye?

So, what does this research do for you? Probably not much. Even the researchers say more study is needed. Which is a customary way that researchers plea for additional funding to pursue something that probably doesn’t need pursuing.

Whether your clothes selections lend themselves to red, blue, pink, or chartreuse if you are trying to indicate to the world your fertile or non-fertile condition, maybe it’s best if you just whisper sweet nothings into your partner’s ear. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a new wardrobe and the results will probably be the same. But, what do I know – I like brown.

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