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January 10, 2009 by Tara Rijon  
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Every woman deserves a day at the spa, and with a little ingenuity and few pennies, everyone can have one.

Everyone needs a little pampering from time to time and there’s no rule that says that it has to come from an outside source. No one knows you better than yourself, so who better to take the lead when it comes to knowing what makes you happy.

While a day spa can be nice, they tend to be a bit pricey. You can easily spend anywhere from a day’s pay to a whole week’s pay on one, depending on the package. You can have a relaxing, stress free day in the comfort of your own home, and it will cost you pennies in comparison.

The first thing is preparation. You need to let everyone you know that you will not be available that day. Tell them that you’re going shopping or visiting a relative. (It’s just a little white lie). You want to be able to enjoy your day without interruption, so you need to eliminate all of the possible causes. However, trust no one. Remove your phone from the hook before starting your “day at the spa.”

The next thing is to gather all of things that you will need to make your day a success. Candles (and lots of them) should be scattered throughout your bathroom. Some tubs don’t come equipped with a ledge, but not to worry. You can place them anywhere, even on the toilet seat if necessary. If possible, use scented candles. They will fill the air with an essence that will help you to forget that you’re in your own bathroom.

Music is essential when wanting to relax. This is not the time to listen to Jay-Z or Snoop Dog. Find something soothing that you can be acceptant to, like some mellow jazz or classical. Safety is important, so be sure to set your radio, or boom box (or whatever you’re using) at a safe distance from the tub.

Whether your preference is a bubble bath or bath salts, be certain to have an ample amount on hand. No skimping today. If your candles aren’t scented, be sure your bath additive has a comforting fragrance. Lavender is especially nice, but use one that suits your own preference.

There are numerous inexpensive facial masks on the market and any one of them will help you to walk away feeling as though you’ve been given a new lease on life. Cut some cucumber slices to place on your eyes while you relax or use cooled tea bags. They will reduce swelling and get rid of that tired look that you have been harboring all week.

To add to the flair, pour yourself a tall glass of red wine. It is filled with anti-toxins and will add a feeling of “class” to your surroundings. Break out the good crystal. This is not the time to use the kids’ juice glasses. If you don’t drink alcoholic beverages you can replace the wine with grape juice, but keep with the wineglasses. Now add a box of chocolates or some fruit and you’re in for a heavenly time.

Place a bottle of luxurious lotion in a sink full of hot water before you get into the tub and it will be heated to the perfect temperature when you get out. Slather it on. That’s what I said, slather it on! This is your day and you deserve it!

Every woman deserves a day at the spa, though many cannot afford it. With a little ingenuity and some well-planned private time, anyone can have a day that will match even the finest of spas.

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