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May 15, 2013 by Bruce Lee  
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Home, could be the most romantic place for both of you. You should enjoy the middle of a honeymoon. But, of course, you both have to agree. Your partner should be comfortable and carry out that plan. And the night you want it to be special for both of you.

If you already have children, there is no harm if they leave temporarily to grandma’s house. Clearly, the honeymoon in your home, should be pursued only for you both, should a new bride. If you continue to nurture the romance, you both shall live full of joy and mutual respect.

Clean the house.
Once married you usually forget the romantic moments. There are many reasons why you are being less romantic for your partner. Your child may be embarrassed or busy with work. The real reason is not a barrier for you to show a romantic gesture to the couple. You should be proud of when it comes to old still romantic with your partner. You can be an example for others, and especially your children about the love that is still developing between the two of you. Creating a romantic atmosphere between the two of you is not something that is difficult, it all depends on the willingness and desire of both parties. Create a romantic atmosphere in your home. The first step, clean your house so it looks different than usual. You can only change the order of seats in the house, preparing dinner in the garden if possible, or change the order of the bedroom.

Buy fresh flowers.
A woman may be more comfortable if given a sprig or two flower stalks than plants in pots. Because the flower stalk will quickly wither and she hoped her husband would buy again. In this way he created a romance between them. Interest can indeed be a symbol of romance. So if you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your home, buy a few sprigs of fresh flowers and place it in some places at the dinner table, family room, or bedroom. In fact, if necessary, you are planting flowers. The atmosphere even more fresh.

Prepare the specials menu.
Do not forget, prepare special meals such as steak or other favorite foods that you can enjoy by candlelight. Dinner became more romantic. To set it up, if necessary you can look for information booklets menu of food or restaurant menus scattered in your city. You also need to learn to set the table in a way that can create a romantic atmosphere in your dining room.

Romantic song.
Having sorted out the problem foods, think of romantic songs. Incomplete your romantic dinner without musical accompaniment. If the stock CD or cassette romantic songs abound, you do not need binngung. But if you do not have, can go to the record store to buy a CD or a cassette containing romantic songs. Both of you can try to do the dance. But if you do not like the music, borrow a romantic movie that you can watch alone.

Message of love.
On the day you specify, you can call your spouse at work. Convey messages of love to her. It is a prefix that will make you more miss, and your evening more romantic. For example, you could ask your husband to bring flowers or chocolates, or other special gifts that you like.

Turn off the phone.
Seek, on the night you choose to honeymoon in the house, you are truly free. Free from work and from the outside you both issues. So do not let your friends, neighbors, or associates that could disrupt the atmosphere. Just imagine if you are building a romantic atmosphere, all of a sudden there was a phone ringing. Therefore, do not forget to turn off your phone, either landline or mobile. One more thing, do not be concerned about the unfinished work at the office that night was special for both of you.

Choose clothes.
Of course for a memorable romantic atmosphere, not haphazard choosing clothes. It’s your honeymoon at home. But the clothes will add different atmosphere. So use that sexy outfit you have. You should both be going to a party.

Sensual massage.
After dinner, you can continue the relationship more intimate and romantic. Give each other a sensual massage. You can take turns massaging his back, arms and legs wife or your husband. Remember, do not forget to hug. Hugs although seemingly simple but very meaningful for both of you. With a hug once a day, make you both feel closer to each other. Wife or husband will feel supported, loved to cuddle. Your spouse’s face beaming will make you feel loved anyway. With a hug, your relationship more intimate.

You both must have been through a life routine that sometimes led to boredom. So after a romantic dinner, the next day you can go on a jaunt out of town. You can take time off once or twice a year just for a few days out of town. Going on vacation together is something that is important to you both, you can be apart of a boring routine.

You can go to the tourist attractions that exist in your city or to the romantic places just to create another atmosphere. After a romantic dinner at home, there’s nothing wrong if you do it in hotels, or in your favorite cafes. You can eat seafood under the moonlight on the beach and candlelit.

Create the honeymoon in your own home, cheaper, more romantic :)

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