Coffegrounds and Cellulite!

May 26, 2011 by browncornelia  
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I have found a new, old and green way to get rid of this uglyness on my legs!

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Where did this come from? How did my legs get this way and now my upper arms are beginning to show signs of this horrible disfigurement called cellulite! I HATE IT!

I hear comments from people all the time “Yikes look at this woman with the ugly cottage cheese legs” this looks so awful. The entire time I think “well I am so glad you don’t;t see my cottage cheese legs. I consider myself to be a strong and confident woman until I have to go to the beach and then I feel like a little insecure girl all over again. I have tried everything, including loosing weight and I did. I inherited this look from my mother and really have a huge issue with it. Granted, I may make this issue larger then it really is but since I have turned fifty I work harder at my looks to keep my husband interested and proud that he has a wife that still cares about her appearance. This may sound a little vain to you but trust me it is more than that, people are cruel and the first thing they will do is to talk about other peoples imperfections before they have to look at their own. Men are so cruel too, they look at the young girls that never had a child or had some nips and tucks that  make their appearance artificial and actually a nuisance to the average woman. Well back to my cellulite, I have been trying to figure out how to reduce the issue to a minimum, I doubt that it will ever go away and have discovered that coffee grounds are a great cellulite reducer. The caffeine in it works wonders and since I am a huge coffee lover there are plenty of available grounds to attack this issue in a massive way.

All I am saying is that this is war against the “Cottage cheese” that has settled on my legs and I will not rest until this issue is conquwered and under control. By the way coffee is good for the hair too and has even been used together with egg whites to make a healthy facial mask!

Give it a try and if you have another natural possible remedy, I would much appreciate any suggestion in my quest to get rid of the unsightly dimple issue!

Love and peace Cornelia

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  1. CHIPMUNK Says:

    Awesome share thanks

  2. Eunice Tan Says:

    Very well said.

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