Birthday Wishes for My Daughter

March 23, 2012 by Kharla Jolly  
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I like to write poetry, especially for those who are closest to my heart.

When you were a baby, I loved to hold you tight,

To answer your every need, even in the middle of the night.

Sometimes when you were sleeping, so much sweetness was there to see,

I’d gently sweep my hand across your head, in disbelief you belonged to me.

Now, that you’re a wife and Mom, with four children of your own,

I pray that somehow I’ve helped you, by the seeds that I have sown.

I only regret that I should have been much wiser, to cherish every day,

All those years went by so fast and too soon, they had all gone away.

I wish you a ‘Happy Birthday’, filled with heartfelt love that’s true,

And I’m so proud to be the Mother, of a lady as beautiful as you!

                                         Have a very special day,

                                                       I love you, Mom XO

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2 Responses to “Birthday Wishes for My Daughter”
  1. lauralu Says:

    is it your daughter’s birthday my daughters is on tues and her twin brother as well very sweet thanks

  2. Robin L Says:

    Lovely lovely poem, Kharla. And Happy Birthday to your daughter:)

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