Best Ways to Lighten Your Armpits

August 6, 2012 by hemamanchanda  
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Darkened armpits recently became a common problem in women and even the major cosmetic brands began to worry about it. People try so many types of creams and bleaches to lighten the armpit but they cannot get rid of this. The inevitable question is what to do when the darkening of the skin seems irreversible?

Best Ways to Lighten Your Armpits:-

The best way to start  to lighten your Armpits is first visit an experienced

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 dermatologist who will identify the causes of the problem – i.e. The aggression which was responsible for skin darkening. The doctor will see the hair removal method used by you as well as different health problems such as obesity, insulin resistance and allergy.

In case the cause lies in the hair removal method, the solution is simple to prevent the worsening, it is ideal to stop using that method, opting for other softer (preferably a laser, which is definitive and avoids the continuous aggression). But  in case the problem is deeper, and linked to medical reasons it will get treated long-term .We must resort to other solutions. “After identifying the aggression that causes hyper pigmentation, you choose the most appropriate treatment, whether at home or in a clinic, with the use of active depigmentation products such as lasers or peels,” says Luciana, a dermatologist. If your problem is already at a stage considered more severe (skin color is presented with an extremely different from the rest of the body), it is best to look for a physician to recommend sessions of laser or pulsed light peeling surface, depending on the situation.

But what about the products sold in pharmacies and supermarkets, such as deodorants that promise to whiten armpits? Does it work? According to Luciana, in part yes. “Existing products in pharmacies are common cosmetic substances that have calming, hydrating and lightening components at low concentrations and with power whitening light.” Therefore, consider well what your situation before depositing all the hopes on such a product.

Three tips to lighten your armpits :

- Identify, why the problem is presented. For this you need the help of a dermatologist, to which you must report your health problems and cosmetic hair removal method of choice.

- The cleansers and deodorants sold in pharmacies might have only a mild bleaching power, i.e. Do more to prevent, but do not solve the problem from the root and sometimes not suits everyone.

- To lighten the skin the best options are the pulsed light and laser resurfacing, which should be done in the doctor’s clinic. The laser is also the best option for hair removal for those suffering with the darkening of the armpit or elsewhere.

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