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March 1, 2011 by Squirty  
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10 easy beauty secrets that will enhance your appearence.

Here are some easy secrets for looking great. The list below is extremely affordable and accessible.

1.     Foundation- If your foundation enhances your pores, wrinkles and other imperfections, try applying lotion before the foundation. Apply both products with low pressure.

2.     Price- Expensive make-up isn’t always better than drugstore products; it’s how you apply it.

3.     Youth- An easy way to look younger is to apply an appropriate amount of layers to your hair which can create multiple designs. Don’t over grow your hair or cut too much off.

4.     Baby Shampoo- To preserve hair color, straighteners, or perms, use baby shampoo.

5.     Blow dry- Set your hair dryer to the “cool” setting to reduce the frizz and accomplish your favorite or new hairstyle.

6.     Lotion- Apply a thin layer of lotion to the desired part of the body. Do not rub the lotion in for 5 minutes. Once the time is up, rub away and you will notice that the skin took the time to absorb in the lotion. To test this out for yourself. Test it on the top of your left or right hand and the regular routine on the other.

7.     Rinse up- Always wash your face with water going upwards.

8.     Free Botox- Sleep on the back of your body so the skin on your face will be pulled back with the help of gravity!

9.     Fidget- Instead of repeating the same facial expression over and over to create wrinkles, try fidgeting.

10.Thin Frizz- Another way to reduce frizz is to ask your hairstylist to thin your hair with thinning scissors.



You now know some of the beauty secrets that can ease you in time, money, and worry!

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7 Responses to “Beauty Tips”
  1. Stable Says:

    I need all the beauty tips I can get! Nice post, thanks.

  2. bolive Says:

    I love this!!! I never thought a baby shampoo can help my hair. Haha. Thanks and I look forward reading more beauty tips from you :D

  3. FX777222999 Says:

    good sharing your beauty secrets.

  4. Ruby Benjamin Says:

    Thanks for these ideas… most of them cost nothing…

  5. Pearl Wilson Says:

    Thanks for sharing, simple and up to the point.

  6. LeighAnne93 Says:

    Thanks for the tips! I must admit I already do the baby shampoo one… so much cheaper and my hair actually looks better for it!

  7. MarianaIoana Says:


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