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Cheeky Tips for Basic Blush.

Before you begin, take your picks:

Powder: Just like blush’s cousin, foundation, there are different types you can use. Powder blush is great for all skin types, but especially good if you’ve got oily skin. That’s because it leaves a matte finish, which will help cover some of the oiliness.

Cream: These blushes usually include moisturising or oil ingredients, so are great for peeps with dry skin. They also provide a dewy finish, and will give you that summery glow – even if we’re in the thick of winter. Another reason i love ‘em? They give a more intense colour – so are perfect for when you wanna stand out.

Liquid: These can be used on all skin types and act like a stain, so are great for long lasting wear. Just think, a whole day without worrying if your blush has come off making you look like Casper.

Time to apply

  1. Cream: L’Oreal Paris makeup director, Rae Morris, says fingers are your best tool here. This is because cream can disappear into brushes, so using your fingers will get more products on your skin. Also, pay extra attention to blending as these colours are more obvious than powder ones.

  2. Powder: Rae says the key to applying powder is all in the brush. She says to never use a brush that’s too big as “it’ll spread (the blush) from one side of your face to another,” and you’ll end up with too much product on your face. Instead use a kabuki brush because they’re the perfect size to give just the right coverage. FYI, they’re the ones with a really short handle and short, round head. Now, for the actual application, brush product in from the centre of your cheeks up to your temples.


Choose your colour:

  Next stop? Picking your perfect colour. Rae says, “Anything in the pink family will suit everyone.” On the other hand, orangey colour only suit warm-toned people. If you’re in doubt over whether to choose a pink or orangey shade, Rae asks this question:”If you’ve got no makeup on, and your hair is pulled back, would you rather wear a fluoro pink or fluoro orange tee?” if you answer pink, then stick to pink. And if orange, go with that.

What about mineral?

  Finally, for those prone to breakouts on the cheek area, mineral is the best choice for you. Blush contains the most comedogenic (pore clogging) ingredients but mineral makeup is free of any chemicals, dyes and talc.

The golden rule:

  The biggest mistake you can make is using liquide blushes on powdered skin and the other way around. Using a powder blush on a liquid base will cause patchiness. And, using a liquid blush on powdered skin will just cake. So keep liquids with liquids, and powders with powders, for a flawless finish.


Australis Kabuki Brush, $17.95 Australis Creme Colour Blush in Flirtacious Pink, $9.95Gorgeous Cosmetics Colour Pro in Peach Sunset, $35

Maybelline NY Mineral Power Powder Blush in Gentle Pink, $18.50Bourjois Blush in de Rose Brune, $20

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