Beauty on a Budget; Nail Polish & Perfume

May 31, 2013 by haleyfuxksuhp  
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Looking for a good nail polish but now wanting to spend a lot on just one small bottle of nail polish? Then look here, I’ve found a nail polish that works great and is perfect for you ladies on a budget.

 Both of these products can be found at Forever 21 and if you’re like me and you don’t live near a Forever 21, then no worries, you can purchase them offline at Now I’ve always been a fan of Forever 21 because they have such cute clothes at an affordable price but I recently started using their beauty products and I adore them and I thought I’d share two favoruites with you.


 First is the Love & Beauty Nail Polish, this nail polish is only $2.80 and compared to other products like essie or OPI, this is extremely cheap and it works like the name brand polishes! The polish is really creamy and rich, most cheap polishes are watered down and are quite sticky but this goes on thick and creamy with just one coat. Plus they have lots of different shades to choose from, go to your local store or order some offline and you’ll see what I mean and you won’t regret it.

The second product is the Love & Beauty Pink Perfum, its only $12 and it smells wonderful. Its great for summer because  it has that fruity smell to it, kinda like grape fruit, but its perfect for  the summer time. They also have smaller sizes if you want to just sample it for awhile.

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