Beauty Laws and Flaws

January 4, 2011 by Conviron Pucate Altatis  
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Speaking of… English short stories by Conviron Altatis especially for ESL students.

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She is no Einstein. But the fact that she made it to an Ivy League law school is a proof that she has the brains. The only problem is her lack of confidence because she doesn’t have the body and the looks that men love. She was always envious of pretty girls who easily catch people’s attention. She is easily intimidated by good-looking men. At 24, Margarita Ruiz never got involved in a relationship with the opposite sex and that frustrates her.  Moreover, she is worried about getting a job after law school. So, she saved money and decided to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Margarita was about to go under the knife when she met Fiona Fifer, a former supermodel who is now her classmate. Fiona Fifer is a firm believer in natural beauty. That’s why Fiona quit modeling and went back to law school in the first place. Fiona confessed that she could sympathize with Margarita.

“I used to be a small town country girl with insecurities, too.”  Fiona told Margarita. “You are a beautiful smart girl, Rita. That’s not flattery. Now,  I have a brilliant idea.”

Fiona convinced Margarita that going under the knife is tantamount to violating the laws of beauty. Instead, Fiona helped Margarita to deal with her flaws through fashion. Fiona used her connections to help Margarita have an amazing makeover without surgery. They turned Margarita’s long curly blonde hair into a short straight boyish brunette hair. They burned Margarita’s old-fashioned garments that make her look fat. With her new funky outfits, Margarita now looks pleasantly voluptuous.

Now, Margarita is a fashionable smart law student.  She is no longer the friendless shy girl in the Ivy League law school.  Now, she has a friend in school who happens to be a former supermodel. Thanks to Fiona Fifer, Margarita doesn’t have to worry about her employment after graduation anymore.


1.       You are a firm believer in something that you relentlessly believe.

2.       Beautiful people got the looks while intelligent people got the brains.

3.       Someone who is no Einstein is not equal to Einstein or a genius.

4.       “Tantamount to” means “the same as”.

5.       To use your connection to do something means to achieve a goal using influential people that you know.

6.      “Fat” and “voluptuous” are synonyms but “voluptuous” indicates being pleasantly big. 


1.       Do you agree that Margarita’s being a student of an Ivy League law school is a proof that she has the brains? Why or why not?

2.       Fiona said that going under the knife is tantamount to violating the laws of beauty. Do you agree with her?

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