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August 29, 2011 by Tulan  
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You can beautify yourself at home with your own homemade blends of beauty products. Remember "Carol’s Daughter. That’s how she went into business. She made her natural beauty products at home, her neighbors liked them so much she couldn’t keep up with the orders. She had to rent a building and hire a staff. Now she makes makes millions of dollars a year. You might not be interested in going that far, but you might like to make your beauty products to beautify yourself.

You can make these masks and scrubs at home for little expense that work as well or better than those you shell out your do-ra-me for. You can mix up a concotion to cleanse your pores, help remove blackheads, relieve puffy eyes, moisten your skin or do just about anything you can think of. These natural products beautify your skin and help keep your money in your pocket.

To slough off old skin and remove blackheads, try this. 

Mix one tbsp oatmeal with the white of an egg. Apply to face and let it dry. If your skin is dry add a little mayo after using the mask and rinse it off in warm water. If your skin is oily smooth on plain yogurt after cleansing.

For oily skin and blackheads, apply a mask of milk and magnesia once a week. Let dry and rinse in cool water.

For dry skin, mix together the yolk of one egg, slightly beaten, 2 tsp of olive oil added in drops to egg. Apply this heavy cream and allow to dry. Rinse with cool water.

For normal skin, make a paste of 1 medium avocado, mashed, 1/2 tsp lemon juice and the white of one egg that has been beaten till frothy. Apply to skin and let dry. Rinse in cool water.

Have a face sauna, in a saucepan, bring water to boil. Add lemon juice and mint leaves. Remove saucepan and place on counter. Cover your head with a towel and allow towel to drape over the steaming pot. Steam face for five minutes, and splash face with cool water. Pat dry.

To relieve puffy eyes, place a slice of cucumber on each eyelid, take a 15 minute rest and enjoy the soothing feeling. 

For blemishes, dab on a drop of lemon juice to aid in the drying process.

For dry skin around the eyes, rub on a drop of castor oil.

For an effective shampoo for all the family, buy baby shampoo, it’s effective for all types of hair.

Use club soda or flat beer for hair setting lotion.

For beautiful highlights, add the juice of one lemon to a quart of water and apply when rinsing hair. Apply this to blond or silver hair, for brunettes add a few spoons of cider vinegar for extra shin.

For a full body treatment, mix the juice of two lemons to a quart of milk. Apply to the body with a sponge and leave to fry about 15 minutes or so. The milk softens skin and lemon juice acts as an astringent to cleanse pores.

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    Very helpful tips to beautify oneself. I will give some of them a try. Thanks!

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    A good one, Tulan, I will try these. I have lots of beauty recipes I make at home. This will add to my list.

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    I’m sure many women readers will love this.

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    This is an amazing list of beauty tips. I love at home tips because I do not have to waste money buying different things. Thanks for sharing.

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    These sound like very effective beauty tips. I must try some of them. Well done.

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    Homemade products are always cool and fun to try if you have time!

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    a beautifully worded article and beautiful tips aswell. thanks for sharing.

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    The lemon juice and mint leaves sound good.

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    Wonderful tips here. Many of which I have never heard of but I think I might try.

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