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August 18, 2009 by Rihana888  
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Would you like to have beautiful hair?

Diet -

Plenty of protein, especially nuts, seeds, lentils and beans, these contain important nutrients, for example, beans often contain calcium and silica, which beautifies and strengthens the hair, nuts contain vitamin E, which is also important.

Drink plenty of water, which contains calcium and other nutrients important to hair growth. 

Cut down on stimulants such as sugar, coffee, tea and caffeine, as well as fried foods.

Eat plenty of salads and green vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce, watercress (which contains iodine), coriander and so forth,

Eat foods containing silica, sulphur and zinc, such as seafood and potatoes in their skins.

Ones diet should be as healthy and natural as possible, with whole grains, salads, and plenty of lean protein and plenty of water.

Also make sure to correct any underlying hormone imbalances, iron deficiency and thyroid problems, which can all effect the hair and cause hair loss.

Things that are added and used on the hair can make it more beautiful.  To begin with, use a natural based shampoo that is gentle on the hair and not full of harsh chemicals and detergents.  Washing depends on ones hair type, if it becomes greasy then it needs to be washed.

Mayonnaise, or egg or yogurt applied to the hair makes an excellent condition, which can be washed away, it makes the hair stronger and shinier, honey also makes an excellent conditioner but it is sticky and messy, henna makes the hair soft, and adds colour, but dries it, so hair oil should be used before its application (and washed out first) and after.

A cider vinegar rinse restores the PH of the scalp and makes the hair shinier, it is good to use after washing your hair

For hair that falls out, try all the above, but also increase your intake of water as well as foods containing iron, sulphur and zinc, such as potatoes, seafood and salads, and eggs, also massage your scalp regularly when you wash your hair

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  1. willie wondka Says:

    thanks for sharing this, is it natural for people to lose hair when they get older, does it stop growing.

  2. Netty net Says:

    Thank I check it out. Mayo on the hair

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