Beautiful Eyebrows – How to Shape The Perfect Brow

December 15, 2010 by SueDoeNim  
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Eyebrows are expressive and people can’t take their eyes off of them, good or bad. Make your eyebrows beautiful with this tips on how to shape the perfect brow.

Eyebrows have been said to be the single most important feature on the face. Eyebrows are expressive, and honestly, who can take their eyes off a uni-brow or bushy eyebrows?

Since so much rides on the look of eyebrows, let’s make them beautiful with these tips on how to shape the perfect brow.

Start by brushing brows straight up, then trim any long hairs with small scissors. Next, create the perfect brow size. Eyebrows should begin just above the inner corner of the eye, peak at just above the outer edge of the iris and end at the outer corner of the eye.

Use tweezers to pluck away any hairs that fall outside of this perfect brow shape.

Put the finishing touches on eyebrows by loading a small brush with powder that is the same color of the eyebrows and filling in any gaps. Keep the powder within the hairline of the natural brow, going above or below the eyebrow line with powder will look unnatural.

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