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November 2, 2012 by ExRayEx  
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Chronological age is absolute and can not be stopped. However, treatment with the right products and concern for the health enables us to maintain a youthful appearance.

Anti-aging is intended to prevent, slow or reverse the effects of aging and help people live healthier and look younger longer. With these conditions, no doubt that the demand for products and services related to anti-aging will continue to increase.

In choosing an anti-aging product, note the following:

Content that is safe for long term use.

Consider whether there are clinical trials that support the product. Good products have clinical trials that have been published.

Product capability to overcome various signs of aging such as smoothing skin texture, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improve brightness, minimize the appearance of pores, smoothing skin, improving moisture and reduce skin discoloration.

Most importantly, choose a product that can address aging at its source.

The main sources of aging occurs because of damage to DNA as a result of free radical attack. In fact, the aging of the body moves so fast. In fact, biological aging that occurs due to the mechanism in the body can be termed as the ultimate sources of aging.

Thanks to the work of the scientists, was recently made known that all the DNA matched. Sections of DNA that play a role in aging are found in the human genome, which consists of about 25,000 genes. These genes carry the code instructions to build cells and tissues. Genes turn on and turn off all biological functions in the human body. In other words, these genes are small strands of DNA which when activated will make proteins that can serve as the building blocks of enzymes or tissue regeneration.

Effects chain breakage will occur when genes do not work in the best performance, so it will speed up the aging process. Well, since all biological processes driven by genes, gene therefore be referred to as “Major Sources of Aging”.

To prevent aging, there must be an absolute balance between tissue repair and tissue damage. If the balance is not the case – that is, if the damaged tissue much more than the fixed network, then there is aging.

Research shows that we can identify genes associated with aging and therefore, young gene activity can be restored. Understanding is what supports the fact that aging is much more malleable than previously thought and pave the way to identify what interventions can be done to retain young panampilan, improve the health and extend the quality of life in old age.

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