Abreast of The Situation: The New Bra Promising Anti-ageing Results

September 3, 2010 by Lisa Callow  
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Can the new bra, designed by Ultimo, make breasts more youthful and halt the aging process? Or is it another over-enthusiastic claim for an uplift bra?

Ultimo, market leaders in the lingerie industry have today announced the launch of a new product, the “Ultimo ICON“, a bra which is hailed by it’s makers as “the solution to sagging“.

The announcement comes after more than two years spent on the design and development of the bra which incorporates “microscopic web fibres”, and a “moulded sling” to uplift and shape the breast area. Ultimo spent over £100,000 alone on research prior to the bras invention, and believe they have come up with the ultimate solution which will “make a woman’s decolletage appear up to ten years younger”.

But can a specialized bra really alter the ageing process if worn from a young age?

Many leading companies from Wonderbra, to Gossard have invested millions in patents and technologies to come up with unique, improved designs for women who desire fuller, perkier, more enhanced or uplifted breasts. As market leaders go, Wonderbra seem to have predominantly led the way in figure-enhancing lingerie. With an extensive range of push-up, and gel enhanced bras, they have often been the preferred brand for women young and old.

Ptosis, the medical term for sagging of the breast, refers to the natural alteration in breast shape as a result of ageing, parenthood and physical influence (weight gain/ loss, exercise). The breast is made up of a variety of tissues. Adipose tissue is the fatty, protective tissue surrounding the mammary glands, largely contributing to the overall breast shape. The breasts also consist of ligaments which assist in the support of the breast weight during movement. It is the change in these ligaments, through nature and physical influence that lead to drooping or sagging of the breast. Throughout adult maturity, the ligaments begin to fold over the lower tissue, connecting the breast to the lower chest, and fluctuations in weight, physical exertion and lingerie style all contribute to the extent the breasts fold over this area. It is also believed that gravity plays a large part in the sagging process. As the breast does not contain any muscle, the natural existence of gravity causes weight to be pulled downward toward it, thus over a period of time, the ligaments within the breast are stretched to the extent it remains in the “pull” position in later life.

Women are instructed from an early age that the correct fitting and wearing of a bra will assist us when our bodies begin to age, later in life. The unproven myth suggests that permanent support of the breast, in an uplifted position, will lessen the impact of sagging induced factors.

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