50 Points to Pretty

April 26, 2008 by CutestPrincess  
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Breezy, easy ways to look even more beautiful! No big budget involved.


  1. Try this cheap DIY conditioner at home: Mix together a cup of olive oil, one egg, and half lemon. Massage all over tresses. Rinse well.
  2. For instant volume, flip head over, with your fingers, ruffle up hair at the roots. Spritz on hair spray, then style in place.
  3. Create big braids before going to bed, and unravel them the next day. Voila! Sexy curls.
  4. Use a little lotion to tame frizz or fly-away.
  5. Got greasy hair, but have no time to wash your tresses? Smoothing a small amount of baby powder all over your hair does the trick!
  6. Try this five-second tress make-over: Change your hair part.


  1. Mix oatmeal, water and milk:For an instant exfoliating face mask.
  2. Rub an ice cube onto the apples of your cheeks for a naturally rosy glow. This reduces bloatedness, stimulates circulation, and makes you look more relevant.
  3. Chill tea bags in the fridge. Place over eyes to reduce puffiness.
  4. Wet small face towel, and freeze overnight in a sealed plastic bag. Stash at the bottom of your backpack, and use it to freshen up mid-day.
  5. Feeling pale? Dot on a little lippie on your cheeks, and blend for an easy shot of color.
  6. Say yes to girly, curly hair–the bouncier and fluffier, the more gorgeous! Here’s how: Work in volumizing mousse all over mane. Blast with hot air, and twirl tresses up in a big clamp. (If you’ve got thick tresses, do this in three sections.) Keep for about an hour, unravel, then set with flexible hairspray. Pinch ends with a little wax to seal in curls.
  7. Try this instant wake-upper:
    Fill an atomizer with cold water, and spry all over face whenever you feel sluggish.
  8. If it’s hot outside, skip the makeup.
    Just pat on a little powder under your eyes and on the slide on the sides of your nose to even out blotchy skin. Finish with a sweep of gloss, and your all set.
  9. Do your peepers feel tired?
    Cup hands over eyes; the warmth from your palms soothes tired ojos.
  10. Wear pearl earrings.
    They light up your face instantly!
  11. Load up on health foods like broccoli, carrots and spinach.
    Vitamins found in fruits and veggies aid in the growth and repair of certain tissues, help improve skin elasticity, and slow down your body and brain’s aging process.
  12. Quit smoking.
    Or you’ll age faster (smoking causes fine lines around the mouth), have greyish and dull skin (from lack of oxygen)–oh, and bad breath. How pretty is that?
  13. Walk tall.
    Good posture (tummy in, back straight, shoulders square) makes you look taller, leaner, more confident.
  14. Smile. It’s been proven: a genuine smile is the greatest (and cheapest!) prettifier.
  15. Think happy thoughts and feel positive. A happy, carefree vibe lights up your face and makes you look extra pretty and approachable.
  16. Post a list of your positive traits on your mirror. If you have reasons to feel good about yourself, it will show in your appearance.
  17. Soak up some lazy days! Catch those zzzs, and wake up to prettier and healthier you!

  19. You’ll ace that exam.
    Getting enough sleep (instead of staying up all night cramming) ups your chances of doing well in an exam. Sleeping recharges our brain cells–so get at least eight hours of sleep before heading to accounting class.
  20. You’ll get an instant glow.
    There’s nothing like a good-night’s sleep. You emit an inner glow you get only from being well-rested. When you’re asleep, that’s when your body repairs regenerates blood, cells, and muscles! Don’t hit the sack and dark, under eye circles and pimples come about–not to mention, the blah factor that makes you extra cranky through out the day.
  21. You’ll have better concentration.
    Lack of sleep results in reduced concentration and slower reaction time. Getting those zzzs will help you stay focused and more alert.
    Counting sheep to doze off is a myth; it will actually stimulate your brain.

  24. going to bed (and waking up) at the same time everyday. This trains your body to develop a regular sleep pattern.
  25. not watching TV in bed. Better yet, keep it out of your room. Use your bed mainly for sleeping, and your body and mind will follow.
  26. avoiding caffeine and alcohol at least three hours before bedtime. Drink a glass of warm milk to help you sleep soundly.


  27. Slather on some body oil after a shower, while skin is still damp. The oil will seal in moisture and keep skin baby-soft all day.
  28. Find your signature get-happy scent.
    Aside from lifting your spirits, others will remember you every time they smell it.
  29. When buying perfume, choose the eau de toilette version.
    It’s lighter (and cheaper) than eau de parfum (which is too strong for our humid climate anyway).
  30. Dark elbows bothering you?
    Rub half a lemon (which has natural bleaching ingredients) over shady spots. Then apply unscented lotion to counteract the drying effects of the juice.
  31. Want your scent to go the distance?
    The secret is in layering. Start with a bath gel. Then smooth on body lotion, and finish with a light spray of cologne in the same fragrance.
  32. Drink water to purify and rehydrate your body.
    This translates to fresher, firmer skin. If you don’t like the taste of water, try squirting a little lemon or calamansi to make it easier to down.
  33. Wear sun block everyday.
    If you don’t like the sticky feel of lotions, opt for a spray-on formula.
  34. When shaving, let your shower gel or shaving cream sit on skin for a few minutes before using the razor.
    This softens hair and gives you a smoother shave.
  35. Smooth on lotion or body oil 20 minutes before taking a bath.
    In the shower, use a loofah to exfoliate; you’ll notice how much dead skin you slough off. Skin will feel super soft afterwards.
  36. Soften cracked heels with a rich night cream or petroleum jelly before bedtime.
    Slip on cotton socks to seal in moisture.


  1. Buy cosmetic products that do more than double duty so you get more value for your money.
  2. Don’t know where to apply blush?
    Smile, then pinch your cheeks (where you feel them pop up). Brush on blush on the rosy areas.
  3. Reduce the redness of a pimple with Visine eye drops or by holding an ice cube over it for a few seconds.
    Apply an anti-blemish gel, then pat on concealer.
  4. Run out of liquid liner?
    Run a tiny lip brush over black mascara, and line your eyes with it; you’ll get the same effect.
  5. If you’ve had a heavy hand with the mascara, de-clump lashes by placing tissue between upper and lower fringes. Then blink twice (or until you get rid of excess product).
  6. Make eye shadow last longer by dusting loose powder on eyelids—it will absorb excess oil from your skin.
  7. Curl your lashes to open up your eyes.
  8. For ouch less tweezing, run an ice cube over arches before plucking to numb the area.
  9. Mix liquid foundation and moisturizer, and you’ve got tinted moisturizer in a snap!
  10. Exfoliate lips by mixing lip balm and sugar, the gently massaging onto lips.
    Rinse, and slick on more balm.
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