25 More Fast Figure Fixers

February 15, 2010 by Jejeizahfaye  
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More quick solutions to some figure problems.

1.  If you have thick ankles, avoid ankle straps or ties. They cut length off your legs and make them look as if they’re being strangled.

2.  Thick calves? Spindly heels look out of proportion but wedge heels balance them out. And wedgies are still on the trendy list this season.

3.  If your knees are chunky, avoid flirty hemlines that swish about at knee level. You don’t want the dancing hem to draw every eye to the least favorite part of your body.

4.  The A-line skirt suits most body shapes, slimming the bottom and, by contrast, accentuating the waistline — a great combination.

5.  Never wear skinny-leg trousers if you’re conscious of the size of your behind. A boot cut or wide-leg style is much more flattering and will work wonders at balancing out your shape.

6.  Empire lines are great for lengthening legs. They also help to balance pear shapes and make a long torso seem shorter.

7.  If you’ve never been a scarf lover and you have wide hips, it could be time to work on the relationship — particularly as there are so many beautiful styles around. Scarves work their magic by distracting the eye from problem areas.

8.  Long, slender necks suit chokers, scarves, short necklaces, and buttoned-up collars, whereas short necks don’t. If yours is the latter, stick to fine, slightly longer chains and open collars.

9.  Everyone should avoid trousers that are loose at the top, then taper in. The answer to “Does my bum look big in this?” will always be yes1

10.  Enhance a small cleavage by wearing a padded plunge bra. Apart from the amazing bust-enhancing results, it’s the ultimate in femininity.

11.  If you suffer from saddlebags — a gathering of extra pounds at upper thigh level — disguise it by wearing a long column of black, brown, or navy on your bottom half and keeping color and detail to your top half.

12.  Little jackets, vest, and waistcoats work well for petite frames, as they won’t swamp or overpower your features. Have sleeves altered for a perfect fit and finish.

13.  If you’re broad-shouldered, break up the width with a long necklace or a top with a deep V-neck. It’s a clever visual trick that works by cutting the upper body into three smaller sections.

14.  Wearing a fitted jacket will always give the impression that you have a waist, even if you haven’t.

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