10 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $20 for Moms Who Love to Cook

April 29, 2013 by J.T. Williamson  
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Are you searching for a Mother’s Day Gift for Mom this year? Does your Mom LOVE to cook? Here are 10 ideas for GREAT gifts that are all under $20!

For the Mother that loves to cook there are 100s of different options for Mother’s day. Why not give your Mom something that you KNOW that she will enjoy especially if she LOVES to cook? 

Here are 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom:

1. Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher: The best feature about this pitcher is that its see-through. When making tea/lemonade/punch throw some fruit or ice in the center and have a great presentation while serving beverages. Cost Approximately $20.00

2. Thermos Stainless King 16 oz. Leak Proof Travel Mug: This is more than a travel mug. Its for people who are on the go. It comes along with “vacuum insulation technology” AND is constructed iwth double wall stainless steel so that Mom can take anything from coffee to soup along with her and not have to worry about the temperature being cold! Cost Approximately $20.00

3. 19 Pc Measuring Cup and Spoon Set: What kitchen doesn’t need measuring cups and measuring spoons, especially the kitchen of an avid baker? Measuring cups and spoons are ALWAYS in demand in any kitchen because they are very easily misplaced making this the perfect gift! Cost Approximately $13.00

4. Progressive Lettuce Keeper: One of the most annoying things about buying fresh produce for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, is how fast items like lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers can go bad after you buy them. The progressive lettuce keeper claims to keep them fresh for up to 2 weeks and it has a LOT of favorable reviews. Cost Approximately $15.00

5. Pyrex Storage 10 PC Set: Storing all of the good food that Mom makes can prove to be a difficult task if she is one that cooks a lot. Tupperware type storage products are always welcome in any kitchen, in various sizes to store leftovers. This gift is perfect for the avid cook. Cost Approximately $20.00

6.  Large (HUGE) Wine Glass (holds an entire bottle of wine): After a day filled with work, taking care of children, and the overall stresses of life, your Mom will LOVE this oversized wine glass (that can hold an ENTIRE standard sized bottle of wine). This is especially a great gift for those whose Mother’s also have a sense of humor. Cost Approximately $10.00

7. Proctor Silex Fresh Coffee Grinder: If your Mother LOVES coffee and you don’t have the funds to shell out money for a $200 Keurig machine, a coffee grinder along with some fresh coffee beans is the perfect gift! Your Mother would get the TRUE flavor of the coffee and ensure that she makes the perfect cup of coffee every time! Cost Approximately $15.00

8. Totally Bamboo 3 Piece Cutting Board Set: This is another must have for any avid cookers kitchen. A really good cutting board is hard to come by. Bamboo cutting boards are popular because they are harder than standard maple. Cost Approximately $20.00

9. Farberware Classic 17 Piece Tool and Gadget Set: This set comes along with cooking spoons, measuring cups, spatulas, pizza cutter, veggie peelers, can openers, and more! These tools are essential to every kitchen and will always be appreciated as gifts. Cost Approximately $19.00

10. 4 Tier Stacked Cupcake and Dessert Tower: This is another gift that is perfect for anyone who bakes. After you’ve spent time cooking and frosting cupcakes, you need somewhere to put them where you won’t mess up the frosting, and you can display them nicely. This cupcake tower is a must for the baker in the family–especially if that person is your Mother. Cost Approximately $18.00

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